CORAD is back

A message from the Corsicana Radar

It is with great pleasure that the we debut the next generation of the CORAD website to the citizens of Navarro County.

The last several years have been difficult for the CORAD team. In 2018 we lost Lloyd Huffman, our founder, President and the driving force behind the radar, quite suddenly in an automobile accident. Lloyd’s technical knowledge and stewardship of the radar project for almost 50 years are missed to this day.

In 2022 we lost Bill Dosser, the creator and maintainer of this website since its launch around the year 2000. Bill did a wonderful job maintaining and updating the information here, but after his passing the site became stale and difficult to maintain for various technical reasons.

We have therefore decided to do a complete upgrade using the latest web development tools. The original website was showing its age, having been created at a time when everybody was still trying to figure out just what this Internet thing was, and ran for over 20 years with few major changes. This new version aims to provide the severe weather information that we’ve always delivered, and do it with a modern aesthetic on all types of devices, including desktop computers, tablets and smart phones.

Please take a few minutes to explore the many new features and supplemental information here. This website will continue to be improved and updated to provide the best experience possible. Constructive comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome via the blogs on this site or through our Facebook page.

I hope you find the new to be informative, easy to use and attractive. CORAD has been and will continue to be a primary outlet for imminent severe weather information for the City of Corsicana, Navarro County and the surrounding area, and it is the ONLY place you can see live radar coverage of this area.

David Huffman
President, Weather Radar Warning System, Inc.

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    Looks like this will be a great site do ya,ll work with the CISD in providing weather. Do you have any products to indicated hail I would like to help

    1. Mr. Coleman,

      While we don’t work directly with the Corsicana ISD, the Navarro County Office of Emergency Management does, and we work with OEM. Of course, our radar stream is available to anybody who want to watch.

      As to any products indicating hail, CORAD does not generate explicit products such as this. When we are live streaming the radar, the likely presence of hail is indicated by white colored cores within the cells. Hail is highly reflective of radar energy and creates very strong returns. Please check back here for a future blog entry where I will go into detail about the radar color palettes for velocity and reflectivity, and how to interpret them.

      Thank you for the questions!

  2. Was shocked to visit the CORAD page this morning and find the updated page online! Even though I don’t live close to Corsicana (East Texas here), I always found the CORAD Texas RADAR page to be a convenient low-bandwidth option to view a state-wide RADAR loop. I would randomly visit the page to see if it ever recovered, but hadn’t checked in lately.

    Am sorry to hear about your losses, but glad to see that the legacy lives on! I really do appreciate your efforts in keeping this source of info alive!

  3. I have been using for many years. Especially when I was traveling in the south. I could see rain that I was about to go into while I was driving to visit family. This site always allowed me to plan ahead and know when I had to take breaks or be prepared to slow down.
    It’s raining in my hometown right now, so I thought I’d check it out today… I love this new site! It looks like I can now see Weather anywhere that I go in the USA!
    My prayers are with all of you for the losses of two fine leaders in this program, but it looks like the torch was passed off well!
    Thank you for this program, and I’ll look forward to seeing more about the various ways to read the radar maps. The tip on hail was a excellent one.

  4. David –

    Thanks for all of your time and Effort to get this back up and running !
    It look’s Great !!!