Welcome to the blog page. We are doing some new things to and the Facebook group for CORAD.

We hope to keep you informed and educated about Navarro County weather related events. We are still under construction and creating new features to add to the experience. Please come along us as we grow. Thank You for your patience as this is a learning experience for all of us!

The ultimate goal is provide critical information and hopefully help keep you safe. As a fully volunteer organization, we appreciate your support and understanding as we go through the updating and upgrading process.

Stay tuned to, we’ll keep you informed.



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  1. Great site could add more maps like the weather service has the nation forecast on that goes in motion the map is called 3-7 loop.

  2. I am Corrine Thompson from Mildred Elementary School. I work with Gifted & Talented students. We have a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather system with an indoor monitor device. I discovered recently that there are several systems in Navarro county registered with CORAD and whose data appears on the website.
    I am interested in having our system registered as well. Can you please tell me the procedure for us to be included in your reporting system?
    Thanks for any information you can provide.

    1. Hello Corrine.

      Yes, it is possible to add your sensor to the CORAD website, and I would be happy to do so. Our sensor at the radar, and all the sensors in the ‘Navarro County Weatherstations’ section of our website were procured by the Navarro County Office of Emergency Management. I don’t see one for Mildred on the list of available sensors under the OEM account with Davis Instruments. Do you know if yours was procured through the OEM or did you purchase it independently?